It’s oh-fish-al! Crab & Cray Cray is back!

It’s oh-fish-al! Crab & Cray Cray is back at One Fish Two Fish!

Eat, cray, love.

Shellfish lovers, listen up! The ever-popular Crab & Cray Cray is making its long-awaited return to One Fish Two Fish, and we cod-n’t be happier! From Friday, June 24 until Sunday, June 26, you can dive into a hearty four-course shellfish frenzy banquet lunch for only $79 per person. 

Indulge in a flavourful Fraser Isle crab bruschetta with fennel, lemon, caviar, olive oil and dill, followed by a painted cray salad niçoise with cherry tomatoes, red onion, roasted red peppers, steamed green beans, olives, kipfler potatoes, white anchovies AND a six-minute egg. Have we got you hooked yet?

Now, while the entire menu is absolutely claw-some, our favourite dish (and one we think you’ll love too!) is the creamy sand crab lasagne with Napoli sauce reduction and basil, paired perfectly with crisp rosé, of course. 

Then, to top it all off, the team at One Fish Two Fish have thrown in a heavenly lemon cream tiramisu for dessert, making this one so-fish-ticated feast!

Available for one weekend only, fishy friends! Grab your tickets here and get ready to go cray cray for crab. 

Words by Michaela Carr
- The gourmet going cray cray over sand crab lasagne