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On the High-Flying Coffee Trail: What Your Coffee Order Says About You as Flyer

Early mornings, layovers, security checks.  Coffee is life - and at the airport, it’s life support. Luckily for fellow coffee-addicted Brisbanites, Brisbane Airport's Domestic Terminalis a treasure trove of cafes, so you can get your fix without the long lines.  From Insta-ready lattes and specialty roasters to bookstore cafes and coffee on the go, no matter your order or what type of flyer you are, there’s a caffeine pitstop with your name on it. 

So before you touch down in Melbourne’s coffee laneways or Adelaide’s rolling vineyards, discover a new coffee trail – at Brisbane Airport.

Fellow flyers, it’s time to meet your match.

The relaxed flyer: Watermark Books

No Wi-Fi no problem. When someone asks what you’d take to a deserted island, you ask if the Bronte sisters count as one. You cherish flying as the perfect opp to kick back with a good book, uninterrupted – and this begins by lounging at Watermark Books & Cafe. With library charm and Campos beans at the ready, it’s a haven for someone who needs to travel with three books.

The Instagram flyer: Fonzie Abbott

It’s a #soylatte for you, pal. You know the best local roasters like family (and have the insta feed to prove it) – so it’s only natural that the beacon of Brisbane’s coffee scene, Fonzie Abbott, is your first port of call as you walk through the Virgin area of the Terminal. Fonzie’s sweeping glass windows and runway views make it the perfect backdrop for your morning gram – and it gets bonus points for its person to power point ratio. You’ll be snapping a LOT of socials this weekend. Charge your phone up! 

The frequent flyer: Merlo Caffe

It’s business as usual as you board your fourth flight this week. You order a flat white, because you always do, and you know it’s Thursday because it’s monogrammed into your underwear. Ever the traditionalist, you like routine and Merlo’s sweet brew, reliable quality (and enticing sandwich cabinet) are an essential part of your travel day. Make it a double to go, it’s time to fly.   

The prepared flyer: Forte Espresso

Why grab-and-go when you can have the full cafe experience? You’re the flyer that the rest of us wish we could be – you arrive extra early, leaving plenty of time for a coffee, a smashed avo (of course) and a flick through the daily headlines. Your flight may only be 90 minutes long, but you’ve got your compression socks, sleep mask and face moisturiser at the ready, coz baby you can handle anything.

The perpetually last to board flyer: Bar Roma

Forever running late (though you prefer ‘always optimistic about the traffic’) you grab a quick coffee to go and scoot down the main corridor as your name is called over the PA system. No time to dilly dally, you’re grabbing an espresso or short mac on the fly (and milk just slows you down).

The six-shots-a-day flyer: The Coffee Club

Bleary eyed, baggage in hand, you need your first coffee hit before you darken the doorway of the airport. This makes The Coffee Club (outside Virgin and Qantas check in), your first pit stop before tackling the rest of this airport coffee trail. Forget the flat white: upgrade to the frappucino, extra cream, because airport day is cheat day and you deserve dessert breakfast. We won’t judge.

Get buzzed and get flying. Any day we travel is a brewtiful one!

Words by Words by Danielle Reckless
- the gourmand who is permanently vibrating with caffeine.