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Old favourites and new flavours come to Nantucket

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Stay away from the food court, drop that takeaway menu and skip out on the fast food line up. Indooroopilly’s fave contemporary dining spot has launched their new winter menu and it is nothing less than a culinary delight worth indulging in. Nantucket Kitchen and Bar have made a name for themselves in recent years, with the concept restaurant being on the forefront of contemporary dining in the Western suburbs, so it’s no surprise that we were jumping up and down when we heard about a new menu and a new reason to swing by for dinner.nantucket 2 With swoon worthy dishes like the bacon wrapped meatloaf (an NKB house specialty), joining the likes of tea-smoked duck breast with candied walnuts and goats curd, we think you should probably make an evening of it and take the whole gang so you can steal a few bites from every dish. And you better step your usual suburban dinner attire up a notch, because in the Cape Cod inspired restaurant (think Hamptons crossed with a touch of art deco), eating with NKB seems less like a casual dinner, and more like you’re stepping onto a US East Coast movie set. If a fancy bite rings your bell, the charcuterie menu is enough to melt the coldest of hearts (bresaloa, jamon serrano, mortadella are just some of the specialties available), not to mention the Nantucket coq au vin, fresh from the charcoal oven. And with a drinks list that will inspire even the most seasoned wineo to try a new drop, or the cosmo enthusiast to give one of their hard iced teas a go (think Earl Grey tea, lemon, lavender infused honey and whiskey), dinner might go a little longer than expected. Words by Sheldon Hikaiti