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Oktoberfest 2014

One of those events we have marked permanently in our calendars and count down until every year, Oktoberfest Brisbane is returning for its seventh year as Australia’s largest German festival. Bringing together fun, food and culture, the beery festival is taking place over two weekends (because one simply isn’t enough) from October 10-12 and 17-19 at the RNA Showgrounds. Head along and you’ll have the chance to eat, dance, dress and best of all, drink, like a German. The event isn’t to be missed this year, with beers being poured that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, not even Germany! Three German style brews have been handcrafted just for the festival, with two from 342 year old Tucher Brewer in Bavaria and one from our very own Burleigh Brewing Co. For the first time, wine lovers are catered for too, with red, white and sparkling wines all the way from an award winning winery in Deutschland on offer. And the food, oh the food! We might be in the wrong season for comfort food but that is certainly not going to stop us from stuffing our faces with everything hot, hearty and delicious. It’s more than pork knuckles and sauerkraut (although there’s plenty of that to look forward to), there’ll be a whole range of German specialties available, like schnitzel burgers, crumbed and fried to perfection from K&K Schnitzel and Burger Haus, spicy sausages and baked potatoes from The Sausage Hut and fresh-baked pretzels from King of Cakes. If you want to be really authentic you can wrap your hands around a bowl of goulash soup, Tyrolean speck dumplings or leberkase, a German meatloaf. Just be sure to leave room for the sweets – black forest cake, apple strudel, jam filled donuts and gingerbread hearts to take home for later. If one just isn’t enough, grab yourself a showbag! There’ll be plenty of other entertainment, including manly blokes facing off over jam donuts (no joke) and loads of family friendly activities for those unable to join the true spirit of Oktoberfest. But we’ll stop talking about the food and booze now and let you get to the business of booking tickets and marking your diaries. Words by Ranyhyn Akui