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Oh Hai Harajuku Gyoza

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I remember the first time I visited my Japanese host family in Tokyo for a school trip, and how strange I thought all the food was. I mean a whole cooked fish with the eye still intact for breakfast… no thanks. But there was one meal that changed my outlook on life and food forever: dumplings. How can something so soft be so explosively delicious? I’m sure you could imagine my excitement when I found out that Brisbane’s staple Harajuku Gyoza dumpling house has also scooted over to Sydney in this September (*squeals with joy*). Your Japanese cravings can now be satisfied in Potts Point with its Tokyo-style ʺpopʺ interior and Godzilla-like menu. If you’re a chicken, prawn, tofu or pork lover, this is the place for a hungry Australian monster such as yourself. Fancy a bit of alcohol to wash down that sweet, sweet dumpling? Harajuku Gyoza are here for you, with their variety of Japanese beers and staple alcohols such as Sake, Umeshu and Kirin. If you think that delightful dumplings and delectable drinks are the only things on offer, you’re 200% wrong! The desserts would make you destroy a building (or two) just to have a little bite of apple gyoza or nutella banana gyoza, mmmm. So grab your kimono and fly on your dragon to Sydney, you won’t be disappointed.