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Oh come all ye healthful to Milton Fruit Bowl!

Oh Christmas feast, oh Christmas feast! The wonderful day is nearly upon us with decorations sparkling through the streets and belts being loosened in anticipation. You’ve ordered the ham, seafood preparations are coming along swimmingly and the shortbread cookies are ready to roll. But oh hark! What about the fruit and veggies? Grandma’s going to go lentil if some frozen berries are carelessly tossed on top of the pavlova like you don’t carrot all! Save yourself the stress of sorting through the sad, squishy strawberries on Christmas Eve, and come all ye healthful down to Milton Fruit Bowl to stock up on market fresh produce that will bring colour to the table and satisfaction to the soul. These groovy grocers seek out the ingredients that will make the plumpest puddings, steamiest sides and most sensational stuffing, all you have to do is swing by and pick it up! ‘Tis the season for celebrating good times and treats with our nearest and dearest, and snow man, woman or child in our lives deserves anything less than the best. Thankfully Milton Fruit Bowl not only offers centerpiece-worthy fruit and veg (and flowers!), but also heavenly honey for a generous glaze, the yummiest nuts for a nibble or even nougat to delight your guests post-dinner! So while we’re buying presents for ourselves…ahem…our significant others, lettuce leaf the hard work to the vigilant veggie selectors to sort out all of our fresh produce needs. Just don’t forget to give them a bell before the big day! Words by Caroline Tully