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Now you can eat Nodo Donuts all the time!

Eat doughnuts for breakfast? You sure can! Hell, you can have three of them for breakfast and another for lunch now that Nodo Donuts are baking up waistline friendly doughnuts and serving them out of their very own bakery! Opening October 31, Nodo Donuts’ first (of what we hope will be many) café has moved in to 1 Ella Street in Newstead, bringing guilt-free doughnuts, coffee and happiness to the inner city. It’s been a long time in the baking, but totally worth the wait. You’ve no doubt sampled Nodo’s delicious goodies at the markets, hunted them down at cafes around town and cried over them when your favourite flavour was sold out. Well now, you have an excuse to eat the beloved baked goods even more, first to check out their new home, then to munch your way through all the new flavours that will be joining the lineup in the coming months. Not that you really need an excuse with the likes of triple coconut and dark chocolate, blueberry cheesecake and raspberry and white chocolate flavours. All gluten free, organic and baked instead of fried, with a few dairy free and raw options too. They might not be overly healthy if you eat half a dozen in one sitting, but whatever, we’ll just skip dinner and eat a few more. Grab a box (because you can’t stop at one) to take away, or sit down with a coffee in the cute and cosy café bakery. Opening with a bang on the 31st, Nodo will be auctioning of the world’s most expensive doughnut to celebrate, with the proceeds going to Child’s Play Queensland. Then getting down to the business of baking a whole lot of doughnuts. Words by Ranyhyn Akui