Fox Coffee Opens | Gourmand & Gourmet

Not feeling Foxy? We've got the cure.

Picture it – you’ve had the mother of all bad mornings (partially because you woke up late and partially because mornings purely suck), and all you want is a satisfying little cup of pick me up.

Your barista hands you your coffee, and you think – ‘Boy, this is it. This is going to make my day.’ But it definitely does not. Sure you’re awake, but at what cost?

Good craft coffee clearly takes a team of crafty connoisseurs to produce, so it might please you to know that our very own Brisbane ‘burbs have a noteworthy roastery at your service. There’s nothing sly about Fox Coffee, just cleverly crafted brews.

Fox Coffee is Geebung’s answer to the question ‘where can I even get a decent coffee anymore?’ Rather than focusing on gimmicks and trends, Fox focuses on the taste – because a pretty Instagram photo won’t keep you warm at night. In saying that, Fox also happens to produce good-looking coffee, thanks to a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of the daily grind.

The Fox guys are no strangers to roasting great coffee, they’ve been working in some of Australia’s biggest specialty roasteries for years.  They’ve assembled a state of the art Probat roasting facility, and the team spends hours cupping and tweaking their signature blends until they’re perfect.

Their warehouse turned coffee hub welcomes all coffee lovers to sample their house brew, which tastes like sweet chocolate, hazelnut & caramel. Of course, there are plenty of other blends to try and buy – from multiple single origins to decaf.

This is ideal for anyone from lovers of fulfilling, home brewed coffee, to café owners looking to stock the freshest beans in Brissie. Being both a roastery and an espresso bar, you can hang about for a while, and even top off your morning with a house made toastie or a locally sourced, baked treats.

Treat yo’self. Make sure your next morning fumble is healed with a humble cup of the good stuff at Fox Coffee.

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Words by Nicole Portacha