Forget bulking—beef up for summer with this insane steak challenge! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Forget bulking—beef up for summer with this insane steak challenge!

So you think you love steak…

You know the Norman dishes up a damn good steak, right? If their usual offering just isn’t enough for your insatiable appetite for great quality beef, let us tempt you with their 1kg Steak Challenge, running throughout October: one thousand grams of the good stuff PLUS two picks from a bacon-topped potato, chips, salad or coleslaw (and a bread roll to top things off). 

We’re breathing deeply just at the thought of it.

It isn’t just any old steak, either, but the Ekka’s gold medal-winner: a marble score 2+ Yardstick rump (which you can also enjoy in a more… usual serving size at the Norman as well as their new menu—read more about that here)!

Those who do manage to tame the beast (or should we say the beef?) will claim the glory of being listed on the Norman’s Beefinator honour wall (#goals), as well as taking home a 2020 1kg Steak Challenge Beefinator ear tag, and some serious bragging rights.

Whether you’re a glutton for punishment or just have a hefty appetite, the Norman’s 1kg Steak Challenge, priced at $64.90, is a surefire way to steak your claim as a serious meat lover.


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