Nodo Newstead Reopens - Gourmand & Gourmet

Nodo is back, with brunch!

Near, far, wherever you are - you’ve no doubt heard of Nodo.

Newstead’s own gluten free haven is known for house made donuts that are easy on the eyes and the stomach (insert ode to their Easter hot cross donuts), and you knead to know that their popularity has sparked a series of very fortunate events.

Officially relaunching on Monday, August 27, Nodo is back with a new look, and their very first brunch table service, giving you every reason to sleep in and eat out!

Rolling into your next Nodo session will set you up with more seating, table service, a more fluent grab-and-go system, and of course, a new spring brunch menu. Can’t complain, won’t complain.

You’ll be getting acquainted with never before seen meals that showcase a range of gluten free breads made in house, making for some very wholesome mid-mornings. We’re talking native crab rolls, kimichi waffles and panko truffle mushroom burgers.

Ready, set, Nodo.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- The gourmand who demands hot cross donuts (please I AM WEAK).