Sense of Taste Portside | Gourmand & Gourmet

Next level bottle-o opens at Portside Wharf

Ever been in a bottle shop and found yourself staring blankly at the wine rack, unsure of what you’re looking at and unable to ask the man at the counter because he’s busy wrestling a bottle of passion pop from a 17 year old?

Well, luckily for us, those days are in the past. Sense Of Taste is the newest addition at Portside Wharf and is here to do much more than sell us booze. This boutique bottle shop offers an interactive shopping experience, incorporating education, demonstrations and tastings of their selection of craft beers, limited release wines and small batch spirits. Sense Of Taste mini fromagerie

This is so much more than a grab and go operation. At Sense Of Taste you’ll get the chance to taste and learn about the drinks you want to buy, as well as visit their permanent brewing station where you can meet local brewers. There’s also a mini fromagerie stocked with local and international cheeses (including ready made platters, you’ll never be late for wine and cheese night again).

G&G went to check it out for ourselves last week (because we’re nothing if not thorough researchers…) and between the craft saisons, barrel-aged maple syrups and French martini tasters, we were ready to move into a Portside apartment just so this joint could be our local. Sense Of Taste barrel aged maple syrup

And if all that wasn’t enough, they also have four beer taps so you can take home freshly brewed craft beer in growlers and squealers. This must be the heaven on earth Belinda Carlisle was singing about. We hope Sense Of Taste is the first of many gourmet emporiums to descend upon Brissie. It’s a taste of the future we all want and deserve. Sense Of Taste wine selection 

Words by Georgia Casey