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New Year's Resolutions (That you'll actually want to keep)

2018 is officially around the corner, which only means one thing – new year, new meals! We at the G&G think new year’s resolutions should be less about ‘hitting the gym,’ and more like hitting up Jim (*or whatever your crush’s name is) for a coffee date at one of Brisbane’s trendiest cafes!

Getting hot, getting rich… urgh, ain’t nobody got time for that! Goals are so much more fun when they’re food-related, so swap your procrastination for pannacotta people, because here’s a list of foodie resolutions that you’ll actually want to keep!

Eat your way through Eat Street

As one of Brisbane’s favourite night-time fiestas, it’s probably safe to say that most have visited once. Or twice… or everyday to the point where the even potato-twirling stall owner knows your name (guilty!). But how many can say they’ve tried every flavour on Asia Street, or food truck on East Wharf? Now there’s a feat we’d love to fry!

Dabble in Degustation

Carpe Diem! There’s no better way to seize the day than with a six-course meal, and lucky for you, G&G knows all the best places in Brisbane to go! The perfect new year’s resolution (hey, it takes determination to get through all those meals!), degustation is the definition of making one’s dreams come true!

Beer. Yoga.

Need we say more? Forget checking out Instagram for some #fitspo… the best bodies are the one’s found in quality crafted pale ales and lagers. Combine it with yoga like The Flying Cock and the Stone & Wood did, and you have the definition of Nom nom-maste! We’re begging for beer yoga to make a comeback this year, so here’s hoping we can book a class in 2018!

UberEats it Baby

Not all superheros wear capes… in fact, at the G&G, superheroes come in the form of friendly neighbourhood uber drivers. Day or night, rain or shine, they’re always there for you! And with new restaurants and areas being added daily, there’s no better time than now to hop onto this modern-day bandwagon!

Complete the Deathproof Food Challenge

New Year goals are all about living life to the fullest, and defying death is one of the best ways to feel alive! And while we definitely don’t recommend cliff jumping (or even worse, the cinnamon challenge), one way to show the world whose boss is by completing Deathproof’s food challenge! As far as we know, only one person has ever been able to finish it… but hey, it’s still fun to try!

Pizza Challenge!

We’ve enjoyed our slice of 2017, but we still want to get a pizza 2018! How? Munching our way through the extensive pizza menus at The Fox and Julius. Save your dough and get your daily dose of carbs from The Fox Hotel’s $4 pizza range or splurge on a lunch special from Julius.

Remembering your Keep Cup

The best new year resolutions are the ones you keep, and keep cups are one of the best ways to expresso your commitment to being more environmentally-friendly! So, give this goal your best (coffee) shot, and remember to carry your keep cup to work today! Don’t own one? Check out our list of Brisbane’s best here.

Toast to Smug Fig

There’s no better way to toast to the New Year than by having one (a French toast that is) from the Smug Fig on Stanley Street! Described as truly ‘un-fig-getable,’ this little café’s French toast special changes from one delicious flavour to another every week! Will you be seeing us there? Oui oui.

Try a Pop-up Dinner at The Morning After

If you love ushering in the New Year by popping champagne, then keep the good time going by popping into a pop-up dinner in Brisbane. And look no further than West End’s the Morning After cafe, whose “The Night Before” pop-up dinner every Friday is the ideal starter to a fun-filled weekend!

Monthly cocktails at the Covent Garden

If a hard day’s work getting you down, then gin and beer it with a smooth cocktail from the Covent Garden! Alongside your classic G&T’s, they also serve champers, beers, and more! With a list that extensive, it’ll probably take a year to try it all…

‘I came, I saw, I ate it all.’ Words to live by in 2018! 

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand who'll have all these ticked off by January 31.