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New Love for the Old Fashioned

Looking for a new night time companion? One that keeps you warm, will be there for you most nights, wouldn’t mind the occasional party and is uncomplicated, loyal and quite the looker?

Now we aren’t saying alcohol is the answer, but it literally is… Starward Distillery has just released the (New) Old-Fashioned bottled cocktail and it is everything we have been looking for in a night time significant other (sorry bae!).

Opening the distillery in Melbourne in 2007, Starward has made a name for itself thanks to it’s rockin’ single malt whisky, and now the team has taken it a nip further, producing kick ass bottled cocktails using local ingredients. AKA making it easy and fun for Starward fans to enjoy some super tasty drinks at home.

Boasting Starward’s signature red wine barrel flavours, the (New) Old Fashioned brings Aussie tasting notes with their unique blend of wattleseed bitters, being pictured on tables at home, your next dinner party and even the great Aussie BBQ.

Founder David Vitale said, “There are plenty of whiskies to drink by the fire, with a tweed jacket and a pipe, and I’m proud to say we aren’t one of them.”

With an unfussy approach to their whisky they have gone for the same ethos with the making of the Old Fashioned. The glass, some ice, a twist of orange and a whole lot of excitement is all you need! Forget the excessive stirring, gone is the wondering through constellations of recipes, these bad boys can be made in the flash of a shooting star.    

Let the stars align, come together with your new favourite companion and enjoy one of Australia’s tastiest whiskies mixed to perfection.

P.S. We’ve heard through the grain mill, that there are more bottled cocktails in the pot still, so keep your eyes Starward for new deliciousness.

Words by Tess Allan
- The gourmet who never turns down an Old Fashioned.