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Nantucket Kitchen & Bar opens in Indooroopilly

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Being a lover of both seafood and southern cuisine (who isn’t), we are a more than a little excited about the opening of Brisbane’s newest concept restaurant combining the best of both. Nantucket Kitchen & Bar is bringing the US of A’s Cape Cod to the western suburbs, opening its doors this Thursday 1 May in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s groovy new dining precinct.  Frankly, it’s about time the west side foodies got some love. nkb2 And without a doubt, Nantucket is bringing the love. TJ and Kim Peabody, the restaurant’s ‘parents,’ knew that opening a restaurant was the only way to combine their love of food, family and community, and as long-time residents of the area, the west side was their first choice. The concept was inspired by the wonders and culinary delights the couple found on a family trip to Cape Cod, where the food, the people and the area’s iconic style left them quite enamoured with the Massachusetts haven.  We are almost as impressed by the fact that the busy parents of four managed to find time to open a restaurant as we are by the restaurant itself. nkb1 Nantucket aim to combine fresh, local produce like Moreton Bay bugs and Callide Valley pork, with friendly service in a relaxed setting where friends, families and colleagues can enjoy a meal at any time of day.  And we mean any time of day – their menu, dessert and all, is available from 8:30am to 11.00pm. Hello cherry pie for breakfast. nkbbrisbanerestaurants2 Any restaurant that offers ‘linner’ (a glorious lunch/dinner hybrid), is a winner in our books, but a menu that features speciality crab cakes with fennel slaw, bacon wrapped meat loaf and a range of boozy iced teas – Nantucket Kitchen & Bar is officially awesome. Words by Ranyhyn Akui