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Must-visit foodie spots within 150km of Brisbane

You know us, Brisbane! When it comes to food, we always give 110%... and 150km (give or take).

Ever since Ms Palaszczuk gave Brisbane the green light to fang it up and down the highway to the tune of 150km, we’ve been milking the miles and pulling out our favourite adage (Never Eat Soggy Weetbix!) to find the must-visit foodie spots sitting on the cutting edge—both literally and figuratively—of local and regional hospitality. 

Keeping in mind that the further you drive, the more justified the circumference of your stomach afterwards, here are our favourite finds that are 150km or less north, east, south, and west of the Brisbane CBD.

The Baker’s Duck丨Toowoomba丨127km west

Who knew a Bee Sting could be so sweet! 

That’s the name of the irresistible cream-filled pastry that makes the 127km drive to The Baker’s Duck in Toowoomba #worthit. 

As the brainchild of the hospitality families behind artisanal coffee supplier Ground Up Espresso and the OG Baker’s Duck (known for its organic and high-quality sourdoughs since 2015), it’s no wonder the bakery made headlines for its hour-long queues upon reopening on Campbell Street back in 2018. 

When it comes to their pastries, our best advice is to pace yourselves; alongside the classic Bee Sting, which boasts shards of honey, honey drizzle, and almond brittle, The Baker’s Duck also boasts artisanal hits like cruffins, perfectly crusty sourdoughs, and more (peep the ‘gram here). 

Sum Yung Guys丨Sunshine Beach丨133km north

We are simple people, Brisbane—we see former MasterChef contestant/Queensland ambassador Matt Sinclair open a restaurant with his mates and we stan!

Since its inception in 2017, Sum Yung Guys has dominated the Sunshine Coast foodie scene with Asian-inspired eats that regularly secure accolades such as the Australian Good Food Guide Reader’s Choice for Asian cuisine, and a spot on The Courier-Mail’s Delicious100 for the last three consecutive years. 

Personally, we love celebrating (read: eating) all their success by devouring the massaman lamb shanks sitting on a bed of som tum and garlic rice! While the restaurant is closed for now, you can order this meal (along with a tasty Pablo cocktail) to enjoy as take away in the picturesque Noosa area for just $48 by emailing

Rick Shores丨Burleigh Heads and Main Beach丨91km south

Anyone else lobbying to have Rick Shores’ Moreton Bay bug roll permanently installed in GOMA? 

This beer-battered bug between brioche buns is as tasty as it is alliterative, and first caught the eye of Gourmet Traveller all the way back in 2017. Since then, Rick Shores’ humble roll topped with crisp gem lettuce and a healthy dose of sriracha has continued to top lists of Queensland’s best seafood meals and, in doing so, has become edible proof that some meals only get yummier with age. 

Rick Shores is set to reopen in mid-June, but in the meantime you can head over to their Main Beach pop-up store on Tedder Avenue to snap up the bug roll as a DIY takeaway kit! Christened the Tuk Shop, you can get the full deets on how to order yours here.   

Kenilworth Country Bakery丨Kenilworth丨149km north

There must be something in the water over at Kenilworth, because a country bakery that used to be on the periphery of Brisbane’s collective consciousness is now at the heart of innovative Australian baking.

In 2016, Kenilworth Country Bakery first put its town on the map with a 1kg donut challenge that had up to 2000 sweet lovers flocking to the Sunshine Coast. Then, they upped their game again in 2017 with a revolutionary coffee-in-a-donut creation! 

These days, Kenilworth Country Bakery continues to push our taste buds to the very limits (while still remaining within the limit of 150km) with their most recent culinary creation. Introducing the Jiminy Cricket: a glazed donut that comes topped with dehydrated cheese and bacon-flavoured crickets (yes, crickets) and a rasher of bacon. 

With all this and plenty of traditional donuts on sale as well it’s safe to say that a drive to this bakery is Kenil-worth it. 

Homage Restaurant at Spicers Hidden Vale丨Grandchester丨83km west

Lying in the otherwise nondescript township of Grandchester, this restaurant undoubtedly represents some of the very best that our state’s regional producers (with particular nods to the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley) have to offer. 

Homage is the city of Ipswich’s best-kept secret (well, as much as a restaurant awarded two chef hats by the Australian Good Food Guide can be considered secret) and operates out of a picturesque barn where chefs Ash Martin and Simon Furley serve up paddock-to-plate meals utilising honey from the homestead’s bee hives and yabbies from a nearby creek. 

The seasonally-changing reincarnations of one of its most popular dishes – native fish roasted over a charcoal fire – not only pays homage to Queensland’s local producers and seafood, but is arguably the reason for the restaurant’s second chef hat. The current iteration of the timeless dish is native cod cooked over olive wood charcoal and  plated with a fennel and chickpea combination that’s well suited for the cooler months ahead.   

Currently registered as a COVID-safe establishment, Homage are offering takeaway, evening outdoor dining, and even gourmet picnics to enjoy outside the homestead. Before you pack the car, head to their website here to find out which option best suits you. 

Yatala Pie Shop丨Yatala丨40km south

It’s the takeaway shop—nay, the cultural institution—that’s so iconic it even has its own Wikipedia page

While much closer to Brisbane’s city centre when compared to the other foodie spots mentioned above, we unanimously agree that it would be a crime not to include Yatala Pie Shop on this list. 

Why? Besides being one of the few food establishments to make the Q150 list back in 2009, Yatala Pie Shop also boasts its own drive-thru (yay for social distancing!), was name-dropped by the New York Times in 2018 and has survived, not one, not two, but THREE Queensland floods (in 1974, 2011, and 2017 respectively).

Also, the pies are pretty dope. For those looking to taste history, simply make the quintessential stopover next time you’re heading down to Gold Coast and pick up either a classic steak and mushroom pie, or the Tradie (a beef, egg, tomato, onion, and cheese baked beauty) if you’re feeling particularly Australian that day. 

Petrol has never been cheaper, Brisbane! So fill up the car before getting your fill of these stunning regional cafes, restaurants, and bakeries.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the Herculean gourmand that can go the distance when it comes to these foodie finds.