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Movie-able feast: 5 movies every foodie should have seen

As serious foodies, we just can’t get enough of our favourite subject. We like eating food, cooking food, looking at food, looking at pictures of food, watching TV shows about food and even dreaming about food. We treat a trip to the farmers markets like a trip to the museum – and by that we mean we wander the stalls, mouths open, eyes wide, caressing fruit and sniffing spice jars. So it makes sense that we also love watching movies about food (with plenty of snacks of course). If you’re a planning a movie night, here’s 5 movies every foodie should have seen.


Once you get over the fact that a rat is doing all the cooking, there’s no way you can’t be won over by Ratatouille. It’s got everything – humour, romance, drama, and a happy ending. And somehow, even the fact that the food is CGI can’t stop us from drooling over it. Don’t judge us – you know you feel the same way.

Julie & Julia

We can’t help but relate to Amy Adams (even if she looks nothing like her usual stunning red-headed self – seriously, what did they do to her hair?) whenever she crashes and burns in the kitchen throughout Julie & Julia – particularly the lobster scene. But with so many ingredients to drool over (and so much BUTTER), we can’t help but always want to head straight to the kitchen.


With a line up that’s almost as delicious as the food (Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey, Jr., anyone?), Chef takes you on a road-trip of saliva worthy eats – but we may just think that because we love a good food truck feed. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – and then you’ll want to go out for brisket.


Chocolate. Johnny Depp. Need we say more? The only thing that would make this movie about love, magic and truffles better is if Mr Depp was watching it with us, preferably dipped in chocolate himself. Proving that a good cup of hot chocolate can change your life (as we always knew), this one will have you believing that food is magic.

Soul Food

Food is the glue that holds our life together (ok, it’s cheese, cheese holds our life together), and this film makes us feel like we’re not alone. Sunday dinners with the family may not be a closely followed tradition any more, but Soul Food will make you want to start again – if just to tuck into a feast like this drama-followed family does every weekend. Fried chicken and cornbread? Yes please! Pass the popcorn – extra butter please. Words by Ranyhyn Akui