Move over raindrop cake, jelly watermelon is here! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Move over raindrop cake, jelly watermelon is here!

Harajuku Gyoza has us crying ‘kawaii!’ with their brand new jelly watermelon dessert. Turning post-gyoza depressions into a childlike excitement for the dessert plate, this one-in-a-melon invention is about to wrest the position of most Instagrammed Brisbane food from the raindrop cake. Is it a watermelon? Is it jelly? Yes, yes, and yes – we’ll have four, thanks. Freshly squeezed watermelon and setting ingredients are mixed and moulded in the actual watermelon the juice came from (cue a Lion King ‘Circle of Life’ sing-a-long). Chocolate drops are then added on top in a super improvement over real watermelon seeds. Oh, and did we mention that this innocent-looking dessert can switch from family friendly to cheeky in a jiff? Though one version is fine for the kids at the table, another 18+ version – with vodka infused straight into the jelly – can be found at Harajuku’s Fortitude Valley spot. Err, we’ve officially found our new favourite method for getting hammered. We’re pretty sure things couldn’t get any sweeter, but Harajuku Gyoza is promising more Japanese desserts to come! There’s no chance we could be melon-choly with one of these on the table. Words by Samantha Chariton