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Move over Hot Chocolate's: London Fog's are Here

It’s officially autumn (we can’t believe it either). That means your days of longing for iced coffees and frosé will gradually be replaced by sipping frothy hot chocolates and mulled wine – now that’s a fair trade. Yes, it’s almost hot drink season, and we’ve hunted down the ultimate upcoming brew that’s making its way into Brisbane’s favourite cafes. You’ll be saying thanks a latte after your first, but definitely not last, taste of a London fog. A London fog is a tea-based latte that celebrates the citrusy bergamot essence of the Earl Grey. This three-ingredient delight proves that less can definitely be more. In a transparent glass, brewed earl grey tea and a dash of vanilla extract are slowly poured into freshly steamed milk, leaving you with an appropriately overcast view every time you pause to admire your drink. If you don’t feel the need to wait until the weather cools down for this warm sensation, head on down to Brew and wrap your hands around one… or two. Just remember – if you go to a bar and ask for a London fog, you’ll definitely be able to get one, but you’ll be feeling real cloudy afterwards (it’s a cocktail and there is absolutely no tea. Okay you should get one of these as well.) Words by Nicole Portacha