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Mindful eating at Alter Ego

There’s a small part of every one of us that wishes we were more mindful eaters. Perhaps we don’t have the self-control for paleo, or to stick to a juice fast for weeks on end, or to ditch all the wine in our wine racks and swear off alcohol forever (or even a week), but thankfully, Alter Ego can recognize the struggle is real and are here to help. The boutique café in Rosalie has built its foundations on healthy living and the idea so often scoffed at – that delicious food and healthy ingredients can cohabitate in one tasty morsel. The Alter Ego menu is crammed with tasties that are just that. Don’t believe us? Try their slow roasted organic lamb on a homemade beetroot bun with sauerkraut and mint sauce and chow down on sweet potato fry after sweet potato fry, you’ll thank us afterward. Their array of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dishes is impressive, sporting breakfast, lunch and drinks, all mindful of your dietary requirements and lifestyle needs. And if your true weakness is an afternoon coffee and a treat, try a not-so-guilty coffee and dessert, boasting raw, sugar-free and gluten-free qualities. Their daily bakes are drool inducing, including yummies like raw, gluten-free lemon tart, gluten-free banana bread loaf, gluten-free, dairy-free, choc mint layered ice-cream cake and a raw, vegan blueberry cheesecake. You can die happily with your diet dignity intact after indulging on those babies. Alter Ego is solely focused on fresh, clean, wholefoods, concentrating on frequently changing, locally sourced, seasonal produce that’s incorporated into their menu in the most mindful way possible. If your diet needs an overhaul and you’re struggling to wean yourself off the cupcakes and onto the celery sticks, this is definitely one to put on your clean eating bucket list. For more details on the deliciousness of their menu, as well as updates on what treats are baked daily, waiting for your guilt-free consumption, hit up their Facebook page. Alter Ego is open from 6.30am until 5pm Monday to Friday and 4pm Saturday to Sunday at 3/155 Baroona Rd, Rosalie. Words by Lucille Burkitt