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Midnight feasts at Valley Late Night Bites

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Attention all Valley-goers, we have some good news that will cheer you up following those post lockout law announcement blues, because when one door closes, another one opens – literally. No longer will you have to resort to a greasy kebab with questionable meat shavings after a night out in Fortitude Valley, no more 1am chicken nuggets or excess Uber fees from making your driver stop at the BP on your way home so you can grab some late night snacks. All of your drunken food prayers have been heard – and answered! Beginning on May 21st, Valley Late Night Bites will transform the Chinatown Mall into a heavenly mecca of food options for all you night owls every Saturday night from 10pm until 3am. For four glorious hours, once all the other food vendors have closed for the night, food trucks and pop up stalls will open up shop in the mall to feed the masses with 12 different cuisines ranging from sliders to Hungarian street food and everything in between. No matter what you’re craving you won’t be disappointed, the options are endless! You can get your hands on wood fired pizza, dumplings, cheese pies, churros, and so much more. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that the eating opportunities are endless. There’s a quiet ‘chill out’ area so that you can rest those dancing feet and dissolve into a food coma before calling it a night (because let’s be honest, food is the main attraction of any night out). You’ll find the Valley Late Night Bites at the top of Ann Street in the Chinatown Mall from 10pm until 3am on Saturday nights – and you’ll find us in the corner with a giant pile of food. Check out the Fortitude Valley Markets page for updates and more info. Words by Kate Streader

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