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Mid-Semester Comfort Food

Is it just us or does it feel as though New Year’s was like, a week ago? Somehow it’s already time to start prepping for Easter, jeans weather and most depressingly, mid-sem exams. However, dear students of Brisbane, it’s not all bad news, mid-semester stress is the perfect excuse to tuck into (and probably cry into) some delicious comfort food! Here are some dishes we thought would help ease the pain and fuel your brains for all that cramming. Always remember: P’s get degrees (and by P’s we mean Piles of food).
51st Street | CBD
If the assignments you’ve been putting off since week one are now looming at an alarming speed, and the phrase ‘it’s not the do date if it’s not the due date’ is more anxiety-producing than it is comforting, we’ve got just the thing for you. Head over to 51st Street and grab a brisket sandwich with in house slow-cooked brisket, pickles, Swiss cheese, house slaw and STREET sauce for some much needed sustenance. If you’ve finished your study for the day (or if you just feel like you really need it, we’re not here to judge) make sure you wash down your sandwich with a salted caramel espresso martini, it’s exactly what it sounds like- happiness in a glass.
If you’re in the all too common position of needing to stay glued to your desk to learn a semester’s worth of work in like, 10 hours (we’ve all been there), and can’t spare the time it takes to leave campus for a feed, Deliveroo is here to help. If you’re a UQ student, we recommend you try Jai Thai’s Grandma Beef Massaman Curry with a side of roti bread. The curry will make you feel warm and satisfied and the roti can double as a pillow if things get desperate. Gardens Point folks are blessed to have Cowch at their disposal. For a sugar hit that will help you stay awake throughout the night, chow down on the fudge nut sundae, with three scoops of ice cream (condensed milk, peanut butter and cookies and cream, my god) served on a bed of chocolate ganache soaked brownies, topped with peanuts, whipped cream and dark chocolate drizzle. Suddenly study doesn’t seem so bad.
Felix for Goodness | CBD
After pulling an all-nighter, there is literally nothing better than a good breakfast. Head down to Felix for Goodness to try their corn tortilla tacos, with poached eggs, crispy bacon, pineapple bean salsa, coriander, smoked paprika yoghurt and charred corn. It’s kind of like dinner for breakfast, which is perfect for your off-kilter sleep schedule; your body doesn’t know what time (or day) it is anyway.
Red Hook | CBD
Study is stressful enough without worrying about whether or not you have enough money to top up your GoCard to actually get to your exams. Red Hook has a very student friendly deal on Wednesday’s, for only $13 you can get 1kg of buffalo glaze wings with celery and blue cheese sauce! That’s enough wings to keep you sustained all day long without having to sacrifice the five cups of coffee required to keep you conscious.
Miko’s Bento | Toowong
Bento boxes are great for studying. They’re filling, they’re delicious, and they remind you of the lunches your mum used to pack you in primary school (and a time in which education wasn’t so demoralizing). Right next to Toowong Village, Miko’s Bento is bringing the goods; with 13 different boxes available (everything from spicy pork to teriyaki salmon) each bento box includes two pieces of sushi, two spring rolls, salad, fruit, rice and miso soup. It’s a healthy and yummy way to distract yourself from all the work you haven’t done.
Pitch and Fork | Toowong
A more relaxing alternative to studying amongst a herd of equally-stressed, sleep deprived students is to take your laptop to a café, have a delicious breakfast and get some work done. Just down the road from the Regatta ferry terminal, Pitch and Fork is serving up some seriously delicious breakfast and lunch. We can’t go past the blueberry and ricotta hotcakes with Canadian maple syrup and rosemary butter for a much needed sugar hit and mood booster. And then instead of dragging yourself and all those textbooks to uni, stick around until lunch for some roast butternut pumpkin risotto with spinach, sage, goat’s cheese and toasted pine nuts. You’ll feel so content, people will think you’re lying when you tell them you’ve been studying all day. To all the students of Brisbane we say, good luck. If all this food doesn’t put you in prime studying condition… at least you got to eat it. Words by Georgia Casey