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Feast on Cantonese hawker-style fare at this underground eatery

Yes, wei!

A hidden gem buried inside Treasury Brisbane, Mei Wei opened its doors in March to the delight of city workers, dedicated foodies, casino-goers, and late-night diners alike, with a textural interior complemented by hand-painted artworks, warm lanterns, and a chic private dining room. Now, the restaurant is back up and steaming post-COVID, with a menu of authentic crowd favourites and new-school delights.

Chef Song Yao Su has crafted a menu based on classic Cantonese flavours, treating diners first and foremost to a mouthwatering variety of hand-folded dumplings from soup-filled xiao long bao to prawn xia jiao, steamed parcels filled with pork, beef, chicken or veggies, and crispy pot-stickers.

Punchy plates like beef chow mein, Singapore-style curry noodles with char siu, and sautéed green beans with cured shrimp and pork come piping hot from masterfully-tossed woks, while heartwarmers like congee, chicken soup, and Taiwanese-style beef noodle soup make for a perfect one-stop lunch for CBD workers.

The barbecue and roasted meats menu of crispy pork belly, char siu, Cantonese roasted duck with hoiplum sauce sets mouths watering, and a traditional list of desserts including sticky custard-filled golden buns is enough to transport diners to Cantonese dining halls (who needs international flights, anyway?).

A concise drinks menu is made a little ~extra~ with the addition of a range of bubble teas; take your pick from the fruity or milk flavours, add tapioca pearls (made fresh in-house every day, mind you!), and feel the satisfying POP of stabbing your straw into that lid—you know what we’re talking about!

Open from 12 pm till late daily, Treasury Brisbane’s Mei Wei is the perfect parcel of casual Cantonese fare in the heart of the CBD (and they even do takeaway!). 

We suggest making your wei there right about now…


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Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmet with a hankering for dumplings and boba.