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Meet the Maker: Jocelyn’s Provisions

Nestled away just off James St in Fortitude Valley, lies a Brisbane gem. Those who know of Jocelyn’s Provisions will tell you only of the magical, baked goodness that resides inside. If this is your first introduction, then we warn, there is no turning back. Whether you’re searching for a 3 o’clock pick me up in the form of a salted caramel tart, or you’re looking to drop the jaws of friends and family at Sunday lunch; Jocelyn’s Provisions can do just about anything. In light of this baking prowess, we have asked the Jocelyn’s team to give us an inside look into the minds behind Brisbane’s best baked goods. Describe what it is you do so well in a sentence, you’re allowed to be modest. Bake a wide range of fresh sweet and savoury tarts, cakes and pastries from scratch. As well as hand-shaped organic sourdough and a fantastic range of ready-to-go meals, using only high quality ingredients, which are consistently delicious! Tell us who, of the amazing things that you produce, is your favourite child? Everyone has different favourites, but our cream and raspberry-filled chocolate roulade is universally loved. A damaged one disappears faster than just about anything else. A seasonal favourite would have to be the apple or pear and polenta pies, which we only make in winter. Warmed in the oven, they are the ideal dessert/comfort food. Strangest thing you ever did to come up with a concept, menu item or product? We applied (or tried to) gold leaf to our meringues for a James Street food trail. The gold leaf wouldn’t stick properly and it was so delicate that if you exhaled too heavily it would disappear. The meringues ended up looking great but we won’t be rushing back to do that again! How did it all begin? With a love for simple baking using the best ingredients. What does a typical week at work involve for you, besides “full on!” We’re open and baking 7 days a week, so throughout the week we are baking for the shop as well as orders, replenishing our stocks after the busy weekend, trialling new products and perhaps making a wedding cake or four. Between the kitchen and shop, we’re staffed almost 24/7. Where can we get our mitts on our little piece of you? Our James Street store. Saturday mornings are best, when the cabinets, fridges and shelves are groaning with extra weekend treats. We also have an online store now, so you can order ahead to make sure you don’t miss out. In three words, why should everyone get more Jocelyn’s Provisions into them? We’re the best! Which Australian producers, suppliers or thinkers are inspiring you at the moment? Woods Organic Flour, who grow and mill their own flour in Inverell, which we use in our bread. Where/what was the last great meal you ate in Brisbane? The wagyu brisket and whole smoked eggplant from Gerard’s Bistro. Brisbane’s best kept secret? The menu at the newly opened Gerard’s Bar—it’s not just about the drinks. You can find a wonderful selection of charcuterie paired with JP baguettes. Jocelyn’s Provisions | James St Fortitude Valley Head Chef: Stuart Fischer