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Meet Paddington’s newest breakfast spot

Cafe Bema is the latest opening along Paddington’s main strip of foodie haunts. This cosy cafe nestled amongst some rather lush greenery not only serves some terrific food, but is also proving to be the ideal venue to enjoy brunch in the shade on those breezy summer mornings. Cafe Bema has learnt from the cafes who have gone before. While they offer their own take on typical modern Australian breakfast food, the creativity reaches far greater than just smashed avo on toast. Hooray! Their menu has a number of variations of eggs benny, each with a little more flair than just drowning eggs in hollandaise. Try their sweet potato rosti egg benedict with shaved ham and kale; their smoked salmon with feta, quinoa, asparagus and hollandaise on sourdough; or perhaps their crabmeat and celery egg benedict with spinach and bonito flakes on rustic sourdough (which we definitely recommend adding avocado to, rather delish!). Ditch the day old porterhouse heated up in the microwave at home, and instead opt for their version of steak and egg. Eye fillet tips with mushroom, onion, tomatoes, green pesto, dukka and eggs with ciabatta toast is sure to lure even the most hungover of carnivores out of their dens. Ever thought to try green eggs and ham? Well now you can, you breakfast fan! We think even Dr Seuss would be impressed with their offering of pesto Israeli cous cous with prosciutto and parmesan with eggs on sourdough. cafe-bema-2 The crowd pleasers are also there – haloumi with balsamic on sourdough, toasted museli with fruit and nuts, avocado feta toast with macadamia dukkha, and quinoa, sweet corn and zucchini fritters. There’s also the crème de la crème of breakfast desserts, French toast made on brioche with mascarpone and peanut butter snow (the only kind of snow we’ll get in Brisbane really). Lunch from 11:30 onwards is typical Paddington fare, with an easy-to-please-everyone offering of enticing meals. Beef, chicken, soft shell crab or sticky pork belly burgers come with your choice of beetroot or black brioche bun, while the snapper with macadamia crust or mushroom spinach fettuccini may suit those with a more hearty appetite. The active-wear crowd will adore their salads, so expect multiple Instagram photos of the haloumi with pumpkin, quinoa with root vegetables or the avocado with pesto cous cous (#fitspo). Café Bema – an unassuming café in a delightful location, with perfect lazy morning brunch food. What more could you want really? They’re open Tuesday to Sunday from 7-3pm, with lunch from 11:30 and all day breakfast on the weekends at 24 Latrobe Terrace in Paddington. Words by Kat Gridley