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Meet our current foodie crush: shared breakfasts boards

On a regular day if we offer to share our food with you it’s because we really love you – or because it fell on the floor. So imagine our surprise when we discovered the joys of Brisbane’s tastiest new breakfast trend dedicated entirely to sharing. Long gone are the days of offering someone a bite of your food and secretly hoping they don’t take it, because these local Brisbane cafés are putting the ‘we’ back into your week with their fully loaded breakfast share boards. Now where did we leave our copy of Lady and the Tramp?
Pineapple Express | Hamilton
Look, we’re not going to lie to you, most mornings it’s a struggle to articulate how we take our coffee (intravenously, in case you wondered) let alone trying to approach the impossible task of deciding on what to break our fast with, so it’s a blessing that this Hamilton mainstay has got our back. Yes, Pineapple Express have found a way to smooth out the prickly task of deciding on what to order with their perfectly rounded out Pineapple share board. Like the proverbial Dalai Lama of early mornings, they’ll make you one with everything, with a fully loaded spread including soft poached eggs with dukkah, crispy black forest bacon, avocado, house made hash and 2 miniature breakfast bowls. Welcome to nirvana.
Kith & Chow | Mount Gravatt
An adorable oasis of charm tucked away in Mount Gravatt, Kith & Chow is the little-caravan-that-could serving up all-day breakfasts and tasty smoothies to locals (take our word for it, the peanut butter and banana smoothie is worth battling the traffic alone). But it’s their too-cute brekky platter for two (or one ambitious diner) that keep us coming back time and again. We’re talking ribbons of smoked salmon, crispy fried haloumi, bacon, eggs, blistered cherry tomatoes, herbed mushrooms and a double helping of their berry, berry good granola. All aboard!
Honor Food Co | New Farm
Looking to do your early morning meal some serious justice? Then we sentence you to brunch, because when it comes to the art of the breakfast board the team from this New Farm corner spot have proven themselves to be judge, jury and executioner of all things delicious. Featuring their house cured bratwurst, bacon, six minute eggs, herbed truss tomatoes, avocado fetta smash and an assortment of locally sourced breads, you might find yourself a little guilty of over-indulgence. Your Honor, mind if we approach the board?
Jak + Hill | Spring Hill
Putting a little Spring Hill in your step first thing in the morning has never been easier thanks to the breakfast board at Jak + Hill. Fully loaded with haloumi, streaky bacon, chorizo, potato rosti, avocado, feta, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs and thick cut toast, it’s like all of your hangover cures have come at one! Everybody now! ‘Jak & Jill went up Spring Hill to fetch a breakfast order.’ ‘Joey does share food!’ Words by Rachel Murphy