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Meat your match at For The Pickles

With the burger trend bigger and better than ever, to say that we’re spoiled for choice would be an understatement. Crafting burgers has become somewhat of an art in a bid for venues to stand out amongst the crowd and so far we’ve seen it all from beef patties between glazed donut buns to burgers oozing with mac and cheese. But amongst all the burger fusions we’ve managed to find a good old-fashioned burger joint serving up some classic burgers that are anything but basic. Get bready for mouth-watering burgers worth sacri-fries-ing your diet for. Looking more like an abandoned desert caravan park than a burger joint, you’ll find For The Pickles tucked away in a South Brisbane side street Wandering Cooks, where you can order your lunch from the food truck before you take a seat amongst the endless sea of succulents. From Tuesday until Sunday, you can get your burger fix for lunch and dinner for the pick me up meal that will get you through any long work day or hangover life throws at you. There are five burgers on the menu and they are all instant favourites. If poultry is your go-to, the chimmi chicken burger is anything but fowl, with tender chermoula chicken and chimmi-oli atop a fresh salad of lettuce, tomato, cheese and pickled Spanish onion all between two tasty brioche buns. If you’re more of a beef eater, you will find two options that’ll surely rump you the right way. If meat isn’t your thing, don’t think For The Pickles will leave your stomach grumbling, the vego deluxo burger topped with roasted mushroom, haloumi, green tomato pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and aioli and the vegan supreme with crispy ginger tofu, pickled carrot and cucumber, fresh herbs, lettuce, tomato, onion and spicy cashew cream will have even the biggest of carnivores licking their lips. There are even GF buns available for all you gluten sensitive burger lovers. Take your burger with a side of shoestring fries or deep fried pickles and get ready to enter a food coma you’ll never want to come out of. You’ll find For the Pickles at Wandering Cooks on the corner of Cordelia Street & Fish Lane in South Brisbane, open from 11am until 8pm. Words by Kate Streader