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Meat Brisbane’s ultimate BBQ laneway event

Giving you the lowdown on this quality low-and-slow, three-day cookout.

When the iconic Regatta Hotel teams up with the National Grilling Network, you just know Brisbane’s about to get a whole lot steamier.

Case in point: the transformation of the hotel’s back lane on September 6-8 into what’s set to be the city’s biggest BBQ festival yet!

What’s hot on the grill of the Regatta Barbecue Fest, you ask? Enter the laneway for free anytime, and you’ll be greeted with three expansive precincts featuring all sorts of live demos, pop-up stations, masterclasses, entertainment, and a smokehouse to boot!

Far from the pits (pit barbeques exempted), the Live Fire Precinct will be cooking up a delicious and entertaining storm, including generous servings of gorgeous BBQ plates, a smoked whisky bar and live fire-cooking demonstrations, including a hot sauce Q&A with the Hot Sauce King himself, Stewart Clarke.

Think barbecuing is all smoke and mirrors? Prove yourself wrong by hitting up the festival’s showcase precinct instead, which takes out all the guesswork behind cooking up a wholesome BBQ feast!

We’re talking ‘how to cook the perfect steak’ grilling station, a BBQ side dishes pop-up, and hot wings-eating challenge before Sunday’s main (ticketed) event – an unmissable Regatta Pitmaster Invitational!

On Sunday, September 8 from 12pm to 3pm, The Regatta invites lucky ticket holders to witness as six teams of Brisbane’s best pitmasters compete for the title of Grand BBQ Champion based on three criteria: beef ribs, brisket, and rump cap! Tix are just $99 and can be bought here.

If you can’t wait for this ultimate event, then look no further than Saturday, September 7’s Hot & Fast Masterclass with National Grilling Network’s Richard Bell and The Regatta’s executive chef Simon Street.

From 9am to 2pm, engage in their phenomenal dry-aged steak masterclass before sitting down for a scrumptious lunch paired with three hours of bottomless beers and wines for just $199.

You give Brisbane the ultimate, weekend-long BBQ party, and in the G&G eyes, you can do no tongs! Hit up the Regatta Hotel’s website to get the full program for this amazing laneway event.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmet that’s grilled to bits about this BBQ event.