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May mayhem at Archive Beer Boutique

For those who can’t skip by a good hop (pun intended), Archive Beer Boutique has announced their month of specialised beers from small brewery champions, Modus Operandi. Those familiar with Archive will know that it is the safe haven for anyone wanting to escape swanky cocktail lists and cut right to the froth for a good beer. And it’s not all XXXX and VB, Archive have made a name for themselves for providing craft brews that punch more flavour and much less regret than that Manhattan you had on Friday night. To celebrate all that is good in the world of hops, Archive have teamed up with Modus Operandi to bring a month full of ambrosial drops rotating on tap, like the Kite Flyer, a cream ale with a complex mix of sweet malt flavours with spicy hops, the pale ale, and for the fans of darker brews, The Former Tenant, a red IPA. For those who like to nurse a big bro of a brew, there are also limited 946mL (yes, almost a litre of liquid gold) cans of all of the beers available. It all culminates with a perfectly matched three course dinner on Thursday May 28 at 6pm, dubbed the Modus May-hem Beer Dinner. Yes, a menu designed to match the brews (because the only thing better than beer is beer and food). You can expect manly couplings of chicken wings in black pepper caramel with a MOFOS Saison and Texas BBQed brisket with coleslaw and mash and that red IPA. But of course no dinner is complete without dessert and lemon meringue pie with whipped cream is all the more delicious with a side of Kite Flyer. That’s three beers with three courses of fare even better than the weekly hops ‘n’ dogs we love so much. Time to book a $65 seat at the table? We’ll beat you to it. Head to Archive’s website to find out more. Words by Sheldon Hikaiti