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Match With the Scratch | Part I

Taking The Scratch up on their BYO Food offer with the best of Milton Take Away. This week we see Mrs Luu’s Banh Mi Sweet Glazed Chicken fillet with Chilli paired with The Scratch’s recommendation: Feral Breweries Hop Hog American Style IPA 5.8%.

The Food

The people behind West End Trang’s decided on a new venture, they took out the Chinese half of Trang’s and simplified the offering for lunch, Mrs Luu’s. The delicious sweet chilli chicken banh mi is one of many menu items drawing the Milton crowds for Lunch at Mrs Luu’s. Served on a Viet-French style crispy baguette and packed with Mrs Luu’s mayo, pate, a dribble of soy sauce, pickled carrots, daikon, fresh coriander and crisp cucumber and we have a sweet platform for the delicious meat. Speaking of meat, take your pick! Sweet glazed chicken, marinated flank steak, soy and shallot grilled pork-chop or the three little piggies – viet porchetta, viet ham and BBQ pork. 25 Railway Tce, Milton | 07 3369 5760

The Beer

Milton’s small craft beer dive carries up to 120 different beers, with 5 new draughts rotated through daily. Not a beer fan? The cider, wine and spirits should sort you out. All this promises Damn Good Drinkin’. Feral Breweries in Swan Valley, WA has brewed many an award winning beer with Hop Hog American Style India Pale Ale no exception, taking out the 2012 Best International Pale Ale award. Heavy on the hops during boiling and fermentation, Hop Hog carries a strong pine needle flavour with citrus aroma, with a classic IPA dry and bitter finish. 8/1 Park Rd, Milton | 07 3107 9910

Why it matched?

Light food needs a light beer. Rules are meant to be broken. Arguably not the heaviest of beers, the Hop Hogs heavy hops packed a complementary punch to the chili. The crisp citrus aroma paired well with the Banh Mi’s soy sauce, coriander, cucumber and sweet chili chicken’s bite. All the while the dry and bitter pallet gets you ready for the next bite.   Give it a go today and play ‘Match with The Scratch’. Thomas Mitchell