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Market stall of the week: World Famous Funnel Cakes

We were left pinching ourselves when we found the perfect dessert combination at Eat Street. Not quite waffle, not quite doughnut, and yet everything in between, the funnel cake has rocked our world – and possibly ended our love affair with the cronut. #shockhorror If you’ve been to Eat Street, you’ve probably seen the glowing van in the distance, but if you haven’t tried the pillowy ice-cream smothered creations yet, it’s about time you did. This deep-fried fluffy, crispy pastry dessert is everything you need in a post-dinner treat. First you’ll be drawn to the brightly adorned food van by the pumping music, the pretty glowing lights, and the flamboyant dancers. Soon you’ll be at the front of the line, but this is no time to be frozen in the headlights! Choose from the decadent menu, be entertained with a dance while you wait and then voila, your dessert is served. Try to contain yourself from dancing your own jig right there in the market. With flavours like the Acrobatic Affogato, topped with vanilla ice cream, homemade espresso sauce, and dark chocolate coated coffee beans, and the Swinging Sticky Date, topped with vanilla ice-cream, sticky date sauce, and caramel walnut brittle you can see why we get excited. Making the funnel cakes fresh to order and sourcing all toppings and extras from locals and sweets wizards, New Farm Confectionary, there is nothing less than extra-ordinary here. Lucky we can now get these babies three days a week, with the Eat Street Markets opening up on Sundays for the winter season from 10am-3pm (funnel cakes for breakfast!) as well as Friday and Saturday nights. You’ll find World Famous Funnel Cakes there every day, right at the back. Just look for the dancing girls (and possibly a trail of market goers in various stages of sugar comas). Words by Sheldon Hikaiti