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Market stall of the week: Wild Cinnamon

If you see an ice cream that is vegan, organic AND refined sugar free, you’re probably going to think  ‘that ain’t ice cream’ and go find a gelato store. But before you walk past Wild Cinnamon and their healthy ice cream, stop and take a moment to sample the heavenly goodness. We can guarantee you won’t be rushing to wash your mouth out with chocolate chip gelato any time soon. This Boundary Street Markets stall churns out delicious ice cream made from coconut milk, with no dairy, gluten or refined sugar involved. The creamy frozen treat is then topped with all manner of goodies, which are of course also vegan, organic and refined sugar free – some of them even raw. So it’s worth a stop no matter what your diet dictates you can and can’t eat. Flavours include warm apple crumble with cinnamon granola, salted caramel popcorn drowned in vegan caramel sauce, mint choc chip with raw choc bits and balsamic strawberry. See, you’re already changing your mind about ‘healthy’ ice cream. So whether you’re trying not to indulge too hard before summer hits, or we’ve just found you the perfect dairy free ice cream to suit your dietary requirements, Wild Cinnamon will have you going loco for coconut, if you aren’t already. Words by Sarah Nguyen