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Market stall of the week: Wholey Cow

Holy cow – is it May already? With the year flying by, it can be easy to forget those hasty NYE resolutions (especially if it means budgeting our ice cream intake). Luckily, there’s a way to satisfy our sweet tooth without having to glare at our bathroom scales the next day. Wholey Cow is a market stall that dedicates itself to producing locally-sourced, premium-quality yoghurt. Unlike our typical ice cream, this yoghurt is 95% fat-free, and is served in individual cups and glorious 1.1kg take home tubs. The Brisbane-based market stall sells several varieties of fresh yoghurt, including their honey, coconut, and lemon myrtle flavours. The most popular method of gob-stuffing involves topping the yoghurt with fresh Queensland fruits, which the stall owners buy in bulk from local farmers. In-season lychees, passionfruits, mangoes, and strawberries are heaped on top of your chosen flavour of yoghurt, or blended into a tantalizing fruit lassi. Wholey Cow also makes its own granola and berry compotes – which include flavours like apple and cinnamon, mixed berry, and fig jam – to top your yoghurt with (as if we weren’t drooling enough already). You can find Wholey Cow several times a week (hint: may lead to addiction), as it divides its yoghurty goodness between the Fig Tree Village Market on Fridays, the Brisbane Markets on Saturdays, and the Eagle Farm Markets on Sundays. We’d suggest stocking up, but ours seems to just keep disappearing. Words by Samantha Chariton