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Market stall of the week: The Patacon Place

Ever heard of plantains? Well neither had we until we happened upon our latest Eat Street Market find, The Patacon Place, and all of a sudden they were our new favourite fruit. Or vegetable. We’re still not exactly sure on the specifics of this wonder fruit/vegetable, but all you need to know is that it looks like a banana, tastes kind of like a potato and is being turned into some of the most delicious South American eats you’ll ever sample by The Patacon Place. This nutritious superfood needs special attention to make it tasty, but after being steamed to softness, smashed or sliced into chip-like portions and deep-fried to a golden brown, it tastes nothing short of heavenly. The boys at The Patacon Place then load it up with pulled pork, spicy chicken and slow cooked beef along with fresh salsa, guacamole and beans. You can get the ‘patacones’ mixed and matched in bite size morsels or grab yourself a bowl of goodness of your chosen protein – or just do both, like we did. Either way, the hero of the dishes are the hot, crispy, salty plantain chips – which are apparently full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A (vitamin awesome!), iron and potassium, and are naturally gluten free. Sounds like a reason to eat more, right? The engineers-turned-chefs behind the stall are even working on a plantain dessert, but in the meantime, they just want the world to know about this delicious unknown fruit and spread the love like guacamole! You’ll find The Patacon Place at Eat Street Markets Friday to Sunday, hidden over near the potato slinky stand (don’t stop there though! Plantains await!).  Words by Ranyhyn Akui