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Market stall of the week: The Happy Sprout

Our favourite market stall this week, The Happy Sprout, produces home-grown, organic (when possible) sprouts as well as all sorts of other delicious goodies, including plenty of raw activated food like crackers, muesli, cookies and nut balls. Why sprouts? Sprouts of all kinds are one of nature’s superfoods, and just like kale and acai, they’re packed with all the good stuff, are super healthful and super tasty! Green, leafy stuff aside, we can’t usually go past one of The Happy Sprout’s raw choc-mint muesli cookies or date and nut balls to go with our organic coffee from the stall next door and get us through a morning of crowd dodging and carrying green bags loaded with fruit and veg. Packed with nuts, dried fruit, spices and oils, they’re a deliciously nutritious alternative to anything deep fried (though that’s sometimes good too). You can take home a bag of raw activated crackers (tomato and herb is our personal fave) to pair with a pretty jar of Happykraut – fermented vegetables loaded with garlic or zingy spices for a traditional kimchi version. You can even sort yourself out for breakfast for the week with bags of muesli chock full of nuts, seeds and fruit! As well as all the sprouts, they also got kits, books and seeds so you can grow your own at home or a tub of freshly harvested buds to toss through a salad at home. And if all this talk of raw, activated, superfoods and kimchi has you bewildered, all you need to know is Happy Sprout = happy belly! To get yourself a little piece of this happiness, find The Happy Sprout at: Davies Park West End Market | Saturday 6am-12pm Jan Power’s Market: Powerhouse | 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month 6am-12pm Noosa Farmers Market | Sunday 6am-12pm Words by Ranyhyn Akui