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Market stall of the week: The Frying Piggy

Flying pigs? That’s old news, because we’re more interested in frying pigs – the ones we can find at The Frying Piggy! That’s right, this roaming Brisbane food truck is all about pork: delicious, crispy, succulent pork, marinated in exotic herbs and spices. Sow what will you have? There’s cheesy bacon bombs, popcorn pork that will have you asking for seconds, Cajun pork fingers and smokey bacon skewers on offer. Heck, this little piggy might order one of everything. Feeling saucy? There’s an abundance of sticky sauces to pair with your porky feed. Dig in, get some pork on your fork, or more accurately, skewer, and forget about that diet you swore you were on. Check out their Facebook page to keep updated on The Frying Piggy’s whereabouts, so you can chase them wee wee wee, all the way around town. Words by Georgia Tyler