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Market stall of the week: The Fat Shed

You’ve seen a doughnut on a milkshake. You’ve seen a macaron on a milkshake. Heck, you’ve even seen a cupcake on a milkshake. Well now we give you the most insane milkshake of them all: a Magnum on a milkshake. When you need a fork to eat a milkshake, you know you’ve gone past indulgence and hit total insanity, and that’s just what The Fat Shed dishes up at the Red Hill Markets each week. Their sweet dessert creations will have people staring at you in wonder as you walk through the markets with your treat, cries of ‘What the fork is that?!’ following you everywhere (we know, we heard them). The most epic creation on their menu is the Zoolander Magnum shake, a salted caramel shake topped with thick vanilla cream, crunchy biscuit pieces, fairy floss and a Magnum. Yes, an ice cream. On a milkshake. We know. Other insane creations include the Hershey’s Cookies n Cream, complete with a row of Hershey’s chocolate. You may not be able to finish them, but you’ll certainly enjoy trying. If you haven’t guessed, The Fat Shed is all about American fare, with plenty of savoury options if you need something solid before you attempt a milkshake. Pork hoagie sliders with pulled pork, slaw, apple sauce and crackling, breakfast bagels with maple bacon, eggs and brown sugar relish and crispy curly fries are all on the market menu. Not man enough for a milkshake but want something sweet? You can even stop by for healthy quinoa pancakes with fresh fruit. Other calorie laden options include their ice cream sandwiches, which are so hefty they need to be served in a cup, and come swirled with fudge sauce, candied nuts and more fairy floss. If there was ever a cheat day meal, this is it people. If you think you can handle The Fat Shed and are ready for the most calories you’ve ever consumed in one sitting, you’ll find them at the Red Hill Markets every Sunday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui