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Market stall of the week: The Cheese Pleaser

If for you, like us, cheese is your golden happy place of dairy wonderfulness and generally a pretty good reason to be alive, The Cheese Pleaser, a stall we discovered at the Jan Powers Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse, might just be your new favourite weekend stop. Their wares range from the simple but drool inducing grilled raclette cheese on crusty sourdough or melt-in-your mouth haloumi, to outright decadent cheese boxes. Filled with locally and internationally sourced products like creamy brie, sharp cheddar and rich deep blue accompanied by gourmet nibbles such as sea salt wafers, dark chocolate rocky road and chutneys by The Saucier, they make perfect gift for any occasion. Or you could keep them all to yourself (we did) to enjoy on one of those extended afternoons with friends. You know, the ones where before you know it you’ve downed three bottles of wine and somehow managed to eat three packets of cheese and a whole bunch of crackers. cheese pleaser brisbane market 2 The Cheese Pleaser has also joined forces with Javier Cordina, the saucier from Moda Restaurant, selling his sauces, herb and spice infused salts and sublime chutneys to match their creamy cheeses. Pear and ginger, apple and walnut or rhubarb chutney all couple perfectly with the cheesy goodness, elevating The Cheese Pleaser’s delectable goods from simply delicious to legen-dairy. Occasionally Javier will appear at the white and navy tents himself, cooking jamon and chicken croquettes or Spanish paella. Tempting as the aromas of spicy Mediterranean cooking may be, however, for us it was sight of gooey melted cheese that had us practically throwing our money at the wonderful stall holders. All in all we found this terrifically cheesy experience, well, kind of grate, and we reckon once you’ve stopped by, you’ll brie back! Find The Cheese Pleaser at the Jan Power’s Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse every Saturday morning. Words by Melanie Zanetti