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Market stall of the week: Sweet Wrapture

Do you want to know how we know we’re in the future? Is it the smartphones? Maybe prosthetic limbs? How about electric cars? No. It’s waffles. Waffles that you can eat like a taco. Waffles that you can eat like a taco filled with Nutella and Oreos. That’s the future. Sweet Wrapture are the first to introduce us to the indulgent innovation that is on-the-go waffles. This version of the popular breakfast treat have been available in the Mediterranean for years, and they’ve now made the long journey all the way to Brisbane. The soft artisan waffle wraps can be filled with a variety toppings before being folded into a semi-circle shaped piece of pure, sugar-coma inducing heaven. These waffles won’t just satisfy your sweet tooth. They’ll satisfy your entire mouth – even that logical wisdom tooth in the back that tells you to ‘have a celery stick instead’. The fresh warm waffle can be filled with different flavours of gelato before being topped with your choice of caramel, strawberry, chocolate or Nutella sauces. If you want a little extra, go nutty with some chestnuts or pistachios. Or how about you ask for moreos of those Oreos? Or maybe a dream amount of whipped cream? You could even go one step further with a choco-little or a choco-lot of Snickers, chocolate chips or M&M’s. There’s even something out there for the fruit lovers and health food enthusiast – because everyone knows that if there’s a strawberry on it, it has to be healthy. Sweet Wrapture can launch you into sweet sugary bliss from 5.00pm on Friday and Saturday nights at the Boundary Street Markets in the West End. We better wrap this up now, so we don’t waffle on! Words by Kate Stevens