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Market stall of the week: Sugar Puff Meringues

It’s a sweet gesture to send an edible gift someone’s way on a special occasion, but the frenzied baking tends to come with its share of stress. If you’re hoping to spare Mum from a crooked cake this birthday, or your only perfected recipe is a roast duck that wouldn’t really suit that baby shower, fret not. We’ve found some treats that will hit the sweet spot every time. The creations at Sugar Puff Meringues whisked us off our feet on Instagram, but the sugar high really kicked off with their appearance in the Brisbane market world. Now we can grab our meringue fix every weekend – and there are plenty of flavours to taste-test in epic quantities. From cookies and cream meringues dusted in cookie crumbs to a salted caramel variety stuffed with caramel jerseys, there are no plain Janes in this sweet-toothed world. The Brisbane market stall is packed with intricate flavours every Saturday at the Rocklea Brisbane Markets, ready for the sugar-deprived masses to have at it with gusto. While grabbing one or two (or ten) of these bedazzled goodies at the markets each week makes for a nice Saturday treat, the real meringue cravings can be fixed up with your very own custom order. The mastermind behind the sugar, Nicolette Chalmers, can craft a whole horde of customised meringues to match your event’s desired theme or flavours. Trust us: no one will bring a prettier birthday present than a gift box of these bad boys. Want to stock up? Bulk buy an order of your favourite flavours – be it coffee, tutti frutti, fizzy grape, or lemon meringue pie. The thoughtfully-crafted treats are perfect for cake decorating, adding to a dessert table, or just binging on a Wednesday arvo (hey, don’t judge us until you’ve tried ‘em). One thing’s for sure: a stop at Sugar Puff Meringues’ market stall will be the (stiff) peak of your day. Words by Samantha Chariton