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Market stall of the week: Reid Street Kitchen

Our market visits always follow the same pattern. We head off with every intention of only picking up fresh fruit and veg, and perhaps a healthy treat to munch on, and then what do we come across. A stall like Reid Street Kitchen. If you can walk past their table laden with cupcakes, slices and other baked goods, you can’t call yourself a foodie. From the cups filled with Mars Bar cheesecake and Toblerone mousse to the salted caramel tarts and mini Snickers cakes (not cupcakes – CAKES), this is a sweet wonderland under a canvas canopy. The baking extraordinaires behind this sugar coma waiting to happen hail from Southport, and in between hitting the Brisbane and Gold Coast markets, spend plenty of time in the kitchen whipping up delicious new creations to keep you coming back for more. Inspired by old school cooking, their treats taste just like the goodies you remember from Nan’s kitchen, with not a corner cut or an ingredient used that isn’t natural. Despite a constantly rotating menu each week, you’ll never despair at not having your favourite white chocolate and raspberry mini cake on sale – instead you’ll find yourself with something new and discover a new favourite. Or three. Sticky date pudding, salted caramel lamingtons, passionfruit slice – they’ll all be your favourites after a few visits. To find this sweet tooths dream for yourself, find Reid Street Kitchen at the Jan Powers Queen Street Markets on Wednesdays, or Mitchelton Markets the first Sunday of the month. Words by Rebecca Grady