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Market stall of the week: Raw Culture Co.

Been treating yourself just a little bit too much lately? Has ‘everything in moderation’ turned into ‘cheese and chocolate in extreme’? Well before you go tipping out all your half opened wine bottles (although that’s probably a good idea), give your tummy a reset with Raw Culture Co. A locally made kefir drink, this bubbly guilt free sip is made using grains that contain natural probiotics that will do a whole lot of good for your guts and digestive health. Overflowing with good bacteria that will have you feeling a million bucks in no time, it’s a much tastier, healthier and easier alternative to getting your probiotics from yoghurt, which is usually laden with sugar and additives. Sourcing their kefir grains from Byron Bay and using only organic ingredients, Raw Culture Co.’s mission is to promote health and wellbeing, and when something healthy tastes this good, we are totally on board the no nasties train. One sip of their zingy citrus lemon and lime flavoured kefir will make you forget that you’re nourishing your body, except that you’ll feel awesome afterwards. You’ll find Raw Culture Co.’s bottles of goodness at Jan Power’s Powerhouse Markets on Saturdays from 6am until 12pm, with more market dates coming soon. Words by Kate Streader