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Market Stall of the Week: Polly Pretzel

We’re getting ourselves in a twist over Polly Pretzel and their soft, fresh baked pretzels! We’re not sure why it took so long for Australia to catch on to the hot American pretzel trend considering how much we love baked dough, but we’re happy that Polly Pretzel has finally filled the void. With savoury and sweet offerings, these pretzels basically comprise a two-course meal (we consider dough a main food group). Savoury fans can have their tastebuds satisfied by the cheesy garlic pretzel, made all the more devourable paired with their marinara sauce. The pretzel dog is a stroke of hybrid genius, combining the American hot dog and wrapping it in a pretzel (see, genius!). For the more square pretzel lovers, the classic salt is also on offer and just begs to be doused in ketchup and American mustard. The sweet aficionados can also rejoice with the twisted chocolate deluxe and cinnamon delight baked doughnuts. Served up with caramel dip and chocolate sauce to add decadence to indulgence, these toasty desserts will have you dripping hot caramel sauce all over yourself and not even stopping to wipe it up. The best part, you can wash down your two-course dough baby with ice-cold, freshly squeezed lemonade. Don’t get yourself in a knot just thinking about them, head down to Eat Street and pick up a pretzel while they’re hot (which is always). For a full Polly Pretzel menu, visit their Facebook page. Words by Tayla Trask