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Market stall of the week: Plant Based Dough Co.

Roll up, roll up, because there’s a new sweet treat in town that totally fits in with all our new year’s resolutions and we’re absolutely lovin’ it. Unlike all those devilishly deep-fried doughy things that leave us feeling rather guilty, this magical creation is 100% dairy free, egg free and will make your taste buds sing! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a plant-loving creature that strives to be ethical or a meat-eater that thinks that choosing the veggie option is a huge missed-steak, Plant Based Dough Co.’s doughnuts are so scrumptious you’ll be hooked after a mere bite! Never fear though, unlike typically tiny, vegan sweet-morsels, these fluffy and delicious treats are so huge you could share them with a friend (let’s be honest though, we probably wouldn’t share). With hypnotizing rounds of sweet-cinnamon flavoured dough and toppings that include marshmallow s’mores, cookies and cream, vanilla slice, acai and granola, notella and so much more, trust us, you’ll never want to go back to the deep-fried-dark-side. And they look just as good as the guilt-inducing version to boot! You know the ones we mean. Roll on into the Boundary Street Markets Friday-Sunday or head into Charlie’s Fruit Market to find Plant Based Dough Co. and give one of these guilt free doughnuts a whirl! Words by Caroline Tully