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Market stall of the week: Old Cossack Drinks Co.

This week’s market stall glory goes to a drink that will get you drunk on the naturally cultured goodness of millions of microscopic agents working their magic in a harmonious probiotic orchestra of enzymes and organic acids. But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from the beginning. Old Cossack Drinks Co. creates a range of delicious beverages using water kefir. Water what you say? Well, water kefir is a symbiotic culture of healthy bacteria and yeasts that gobbles up sugar to produce a fermented beverage teeming with healthy probiotic bacteria as well as being an excellent source of enzymes, vitamins and folic acids. The clever crew at Old Cossack add cold-pressed juices, spices and just a touch of love to this concoction to create bubbly deliciousness in flavours like ginger beer, strawberry and vanilla cider, and coconut water. Put simply, this stuff is yoghurt on steroids, and, for all of you who know the gurgling feeling deep within after a glass of milk, the answer to getting a natural source of probiotics without dairy.  We totally get that at first, this isn’t the most appealing of descriptions, but once you try it, we’re sure you’ll be a convert just like us. It’s not the green, slimy concoction of tiny organisms you’re envisioning but more of a slightly sparkling, slightly sweet and totally refreshing drop with the bonus of a health kick and immune system defense. Kafir water has been used throughout the ages, first discovered in the Caucasus Mountains 5000 years ago and since then used as a health tonic. Now, it can be all up in you — just hunt down Old Cossack Drinks Co. at the Carseldine or Red Hill Markets and sip the sweet essence of a drink that loves you back! Words by Samantha McKendry