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Market stall of the week: Music Box Cheesecakes

Music Box Cheesecakes truly is music to our ears, as well as our eyes and stomachs. We all know the classic dessert, the light and fluffy cake that tastes nothing like cheese and more like heaven. Well, this Brisbane market stall brings us some cheesecake variations that make us want to keep eating them until we feel like we’ve come down with a bad case of dairy overload. Sure there’s the classic cheesecakes, but they are nothing when compared to the creations made by Music Box Cheesecakes. And with a ‘symphony of flavours available,’ you’ll be hovering forever trying to make a choice. Flavours vary from the usuals like chocolate, cappuccino and blueberry to some crazier choices like rocky road, spiced sweet potato or dark chocolate and spiced port. Oh, and did we mention you can get them in a chocolate waffle cone? brisbane markets music boxThen there’s the sundaes! The makers at Music Box have taken cheesecake to the next level with their cheesecake sundaes. Hiding underneath lashings of cream and a drizzle of sauce, the cake we so dearly love waits to be found, like some kind of edible treasure hunt. And between the salted caramel cheesecake with chocolate sauce and caramel popcorn sprinkle and the cookies and cream cheesecake with white choc sauce and crushed Oreos, you’ll hunt yourself down a whole lot of yums. The Music Box Cheesecake stall dances around between Eat Street, the Carseldine Markets and the Love your Local Markets, so follow them on Facebook to keep up. But if you simply can’t wait to find them, you can place an order for the little delights. They even do free delivery in Brisbane when you order twelve or more. Admit it, you’ll be ordering twelve of them just for yourself! We’ll just be following the sound of Music Box Cheesecakes wherever they go, to Brisbane markets all over town. Words by Elissa Rogers