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Market stall of the week: Mr Scroll

We’ve all had our fair share of cronuts. The croissant/doughnut duo, fried to flaky perfection, then rolled in cinnamon sugar and stuffed into our sugar-addicted faces. Then we took a step back and appreciated the tradition from which this new phenomenon was created and put the humble doughnut back on its well-deserved pedestal. We iced it, we filled it with gooey goodness surprises like lemon curd, and we topped it with things that doughnuts shouldn’t be topped with, all in the name of reinvention. Then there comes a trend that doesn’t need to be reinvented, just revitalized. The scroll. Oh yeah. This is no vegemite and cheese business (although we would never, ever diss vegemite). These are scrolls from Mr. Scroll, and he is a master. Anyone who can wrap that much flavour into perfectly fluffy, delectable pastry, then smother it in icings too inappropriate for afternoon tea with Marie Antoinette (because dripping salted caramel all over yourself is just not proper), is a true foodie saviour. Last time we visited them at Eat Street Markets, they had original cinnamon icing sugar, salted caramel, Nutella banana, chocolate cashew, and red velvet (which is not REALLY red velvet, more of a chocolate-raspberry situation, but we’ll forgive them on account of it’s deliciousness) on offer. But they mix it up every week and churn out different combos to keep you coming back for more, because trying a different flavour is always a valid excuse for eating more sugary carbs. Don’t check out their Instagram unless you definitely plan on giving their scrolls a go, because we promise you will exit the app feeling sad and hungry. Mr. Scroll graces the presence of Eat Street Markets, Red Hill Markets and other lucky-duck markets around Brisbane. Check their Facebook page out to see where they’ll be next. Words by Taylare Maddern