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Market stall of the week: Monsieur Macaron

We were just recently tipped off to Monsieur Macaron’s delectable French pastries and ooh la la are we glad we were. Their macaroons have almost a cult following in certain circles and we can see why. These tasty rounds of sugary goodness are almost art in their uniform perfection, pretty incredible considering there’s approximately 2.4 million ways you can mess up a macaron (all of which have been achieved in our attempts at baking them). At Monsieur’s weekly market stalls you’ll find the usual macaron flavour suspects like salted caramel (yes, salted caramel has become a little passe), raspberry, chocolate and rose petal but there are others quite unequalled in originality. Lamington, complete with jam and cream filling and a coconut dusted chocolate topping, is one flavour we’re sure you wouldn’t find in a Parisian patisserie, along with blood orange, Pina colada, bubble gum, peanut butter crunch, and coffee caramel. The list of intriguing flavours is different every week and it’s simply too hard to choose just one, we must have them all every time. There are other delicious treats on offer, like éclairs in flavours like salted caramel, and lemon meringue. Or sweet brioche in hazelnut, almond, peach, and apple crumble but, as the name suggests, macarons are the scrumptious speciality. Coeliacs and gluten intolerant types are usually sadly uncatered for when it comes to French pastry but to them we say ‘sourire!’ (smile!) because all of Monsieur Macaron’s are gluten free. Yes, all of them. Go nuts and eat yourself into a pastry stupor without the risk of bodily malfunctions. If you can’t bear to wait for the weekend to get your hands on some of Monseiur Macaron’s delicious genius, you can pop into their factory in Rocklea, but otherwise you’ll find them at: Brisbane Markets | Rocklea | Saturday 6am-12pm Jan Power’s Markets | Queen Street: Wednesday 10am-6pm | Mitchelton: first Sunday of the month 6am-12pm Words by Ranyhyn Akui