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Market stall of the week: Minus32

Rolled ice cream, cronuts, doughnuts and dough cones all in one place? Minus32 sounds like something from our wildest foodie dreams but this roaming market stall is all about the sweet stuff and they’re making our carb-loaded fantasies a reality. Specialising in rolled ice cream, Minus32 piles their icy scrolls with fresh fruit, cream, chocolate sauce and, even, Oreos. But it doesn’t stop there! Whether your weakness is cookies and cream, Nutella, caramel, cream or marshmallow, Minus 23 has it all. Puffle cones are packed with sweet, oozy ice cream, doughnuts are stuffed with Nutella and drizzled with white or milk chocolate, and the classic cronut is made all the more decadent by chunks of Mars Bar or Oreo. But the generous folks at Minus32 won’t make you choose between their decadent treats – have the best of both worlds with a doughnut or cookie slam – your choice of ice cream, and toppings, all sandwiched between doughnut or cookie slices! You might feel tight around the waistband just looking at their array of sweets, but let us tell you, there’s no walking away from this stand without a decadent treat! Check out Minus32’s Facebook page so you can burn those calories in advance chasing them down at their latest pop-up! Words by Jessica Gregory