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Market stall of the week: Kraut N’ About

Don those suspenders, curl that moustache, plait your hair and make sure that feather is sitting pretty on your hat. Oktoberfest might be over, but waiting for the taste of a delicious German feed is just the wurst, so we’ve found a food truck that will more than satisfy your Bavarian cravings and get you in beery good spirits. Kraut N’ About serves up authentic, home made Bavarian feeds, straight from its German owner’s family recipes. Think schnitzels, cheese kranksy, bratwurst and traditional goodies like schweinebraten and käsespätzle. Yes they might be hard to pronounce, but your tastebuds will thank you. Pair it with some brezen, and you’ve got the most comforting of all comfort food. Sure, Germany may be famous for its cars, Einstein and the hipster paradise of Berlin, but the food it produces will always be our favourite export, especially when it’s served up from this little blue truck. After a bit of research (read: eating) in the Motherland, they might even have some tasty new eats hitting the street soon – but you’ll have to hunt them down at events around Brisbane to try them! Just keep an eye out on Facebook for locations. Honestly, they had us at ‘beer gravy’. Words by Georgia Tyler