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Market stall of the week: Jackalope Slow Foods

With March behind us, you might be feeling like 2016 is moving wayyy too fast. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got a way for you to take a bite out of life without speeding through your calendar. Keep your weekend going at a steady pace with our market stall of the week. Who said fast food was the only way to get a convenient hunger fix? We’ve found a spot that treats your food right, and part of that involves cooking it nice and slowwww. Jackalope Slow Foods specializes in slow-cooked, hand-pulled meat rolls in a number of diverse global variations. With hunger-busters like their Carolina pulled pork, five-spiced pork rolls and Adobo brisket nachos, this market stall really packs a flavour punch! jackalopeOn top of their tantalizing meat rolls, you can pick up a Real Flavour shake. The idea behind these sweet-treats is that the shakes aren’t generic and syrupy. Instead, they’re packed full of house made ice cream and real mix-ins like white choc ganache, caramelized banana, and organic cold-pressed coffee. To really get back-to-basics, these shakes are served in old-school milk bottles (which you can take home and befuddle the kids with). All about making your weekend more convenient, there’s also a few gluten-free and take-home options available! You can find Jackalope Slow Foods at several of the Jan Powers Farmers Markets so you’ll never have to miss a weekend of their scrumptious eats once you’ve become addicted.  After all, slow and steady wins the taste race! Words by Samantha Chariton